Social Members – Request for Information

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Gentlemen – If you have any photos of the below past members, I would appreciate if you could send that to me.  I’d like to build the social member section so that we have photos and contact info for as many (if not all) of our past members as we can.  I know a few may no longer be with us, but I think all who came before us should be included on the site if possible.

The individuals I would need photos for are as follows:

  • Neil Albert
  • Fred Backer
  • Fred Besnoff
  • Don Stolberg
  • Jeff Carlberg
  • Paul Dyer
  • Chuck Graves
  • Bill Hicks
  • Lon Hudson
  • Paul Huyck
  • Gary Kokaisel
  • Ron Lyons
  • Brian McMahon
  • Dean Perron
  • Gary Yantis

Snowball Active & Social Member Contact Information

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Two sections have been created – one for Social Member Contact Information, and the other for Active Member Contact Information.  I included photos, home address as well as both Snowball member and spouse email and cell phone information.  I decided not to include work info since much of that is already included on the Representatives Page.